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Bandar Malaysia Open Final Round: What They Said

Trevor Simsby (USA) – Final round 70 (-2), Total 203 (-13)

This is the biggest win I have had in my career so far. It’s just amazing where I am right now. We were just hoping to get a full round of golf in today, and just knowing that this is going to be the final round, we were just giving it our all.

The course is playing a bit harder today. You have to be really patient out there. It’s been a challenging week. I’m just ecstatic to win this. Walking off the 15th green, my caddie told me that we’re still in it. He was saying it all day but I didn’t really think so until I birdied 16th.

I thought we definitely have a chance. And then I made a really good par on 17. I played aggressively on the 18th hole today. For me, I think that hole sets up better with driver just playing it up the right now.

I like just the mindset that it gives me of getting down there where I have a chance to get to the green. That was the right foot I guess, it just happened to suit my eye. I was chipping the ball amazing all week. I had two chip-ins in the second round which were huge, and it’s just amazing how it all came together nicely today.

I missed the cut in the last event on the ADT last year and just barely snuck into the top-eight on the Order of Merit. I got really motivated when I got back home to California and I met up some friends who are succeeding on the PGA TOUR as well. I just worked very hard after that and I’m just excited for the rest of the season now. I hope to keep the momentum going.

I shouldn’t have hit driver in regulation probably but you know the mind was spinning a little bit and I knew I was tied for the lead and trying to play a smart role and permit drivers to play for sure when opportunity sets.

I was just excited to even have a chance on the back nine. I made a little mistake on the par-five and I thought I was a bit out of it but I just stayed in it mentally, and somehow managed to birdie 16th.

I turned professional at the end of 2014 and I played on the KornFerry Tour in 2015. I’ve done a little bit everything. I’ve played a little bit in Canada and South America as well. I worked at a golf course for a little while too.

I’ve done a lot in the last five years of playing professional golf and I think the experiences have made me a different person and player now, in a good way. I think it was good for me just to kind of get away from home a little bit as well and kind of be on my own.

It’s just been an incredible year last year and a half, just kind of learning how to manage the travel and I couldn’t really pay for the experience and it’s just, just being here and going through it.

I would say my preparation and practice was really good, leading up to it and I was very motivated going into the week. I will remember this week for the rest of my life. It’s incredible. I met C.T. Pan, my colleage teammate, at Torrey Pines about a month ago. He’s obviously doing fantastic.

I played against Justin Thomas and Patrick Rodgers. A lot of guys that are having success so it’s definitely motivating for sure. I’m a competitor, I have a competitive nature. I love the challenge of golf and just what it brings every day and it’s always something new. I’m kind of a perfectionist and it just, you can’t perfect this day.

It’s like, today was a great example you just, you know, you just never, you just never know I you know I thought, you know, Andrew was gonna run away with it and then all of a sudden there was three or four guys at 1300 par and you got to get a chance to win and it’s just it’s just a really unique game that we play you just, you really don’t know until the final putt drops.

Andrew Dodt (AUS) – Final round 72 (even-par), Total 203 (-13)

It was a good week. Just disappointed to finish it like that but all in all, it’s still a solid week. Hats off to Trevor Simsby. I got off to a good start.

Thinking back about the double-bogey on 15th, I made a good bounce back with a birdie on 16. The birdie on 17th was also quite possible but didn’t make it.

I tried to be aggressive out there today. It just got really hard on the back nine, mentally and physically. Still a lot of positives to take from this week.

Jarin Todd (USA) – Final round 70 (-2), Total 203 (-13)

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out, you know. I hit a really good shot in regulation. I think it made the pin. It might have been different. I made a good putt there but missed it. I hit another good wedge shot there but just didn’t come back off the hill.

Lots of positives to take home from this week. Nice to go home and be in a decent spot on the final leaderboard. Thrilled to mark my  best result on Tour this week too.

Charlie Wi (KOR) – Final round 69 (-3), Total 204 (-12)

I played really well. I haven’t been in contention for a long time so I was a little nervous coming down the stretch. I guess it showed on the putt on 17th.  And I told my caddie I just slipped up and I got so anxious, but still, it was a lot of fun to be in.

I was surprised that I got up to the top. I thought Andrew got off to a good start and was wondering what happened to him. The anxieties set in then but that’s the reason why we play.

I thought that I was going to make that putt on 17. I really had a good feeling, but you know just not being in contention, it really showed that things got the best of me. So next time I’m in that situation, I’ll handle myself better. I’m getting into golf and I’m really enjoying it.

Kosuke Hamamoto (THA) – Final round 68 (-4), Total 204 (-12)

To be honest, I was feeling quite anxious because I missed the cut last week. I didn’t play bad last week but I just got nothing going. I told myself to stay patient and it paid off today. It’s kind of my day because I made an eagle hole-out on the 12th from about 130 yards. That was pretty nice.

Amir Nazrin (MAS) – Final round 70 (-2), Total 211 (-5)

I will take the two-under today. I made an eagle on the first which was my 10th hole today. I tried to push myself to get more birdies out there but only managed one coming back. But overall, I’m very happy with my performance this week.

This is my first time playing in my own National Open. It’s been a good week. I love the course, the surroundings and the people. The weather hasn’t been great to us unfortunately but it’s still a great week.

I hit my driver off the tee and then an eight-iron downwind to the green. But the green was firm and I had an eagle putt from about a pin and a half which I fortunately made.

I took like three days off before my first practice round here this week. I didn’t touch the clubs. Just want to clear my mind and not stress myself with a good finish here. I love the way I hit my irons this week and also the way I putted. I could have driven the ball better.


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