Martial Arts, PS4 and nephew keep Khan busy in times of Covid-19

Published on March 20, 2020

By V Krishnaswamy, @Swinging_Swamy

New Delhi, March 20: Rashid Khan, India’s top world-ranked player nurses hopes of teeing up at the Olympic Games later this year, but is realistic enough to feel that there is nothing he can do currently except to wait for Covid-19 to subside.

He laughs and says, “I am busy with PS4, fitness through martial arts (I follow Billy Blanks on YouTube) and then there is my nephew, who is just 15 months. This takes up a good part of my day.”

Sure he does miss going out to play at the course or competing at events, but admits, “That is not in our hands. Golf is not like other games, but the key is to stay strong mentally and to stay fit. That’s what I am doing. Anyway I have not been the kind to practice on the course each and every day.”

The lanky Indian is also keeping in mind the Olympics. “No one is sure about the situation, but I am keeping myself mentally ready for the Olympics and the events in the run up,” said Rashid

On how he is keeping fit, he added, “Billy Blanks is good. What he does is called, Tae Bo and it is a total martial art technique and helps total body fitness with martial arts. He has thousands of followers from all over.”

As for staying strong mentally, he adds, “There is nothing more relaxing than playing with my 15-month old and he is delight. I love that time. When I am on Tour, I have no time for these things, so might as well make the most of it now.”

Khan, whose last event was the Bandar Malaysia Open, where he finished tied-31st, has played three events in 2020 on Asian Tour and has two top-10s – sixth in Hong Kong and tied-eighth in Singapore Open, both having been held in January.

“I feel the Asian Tour was absolutely right in cancelling or postponing many events and the Tour has been giving us the information on that,” he said, “The safety and health of the players cannot be compromised and we need to be aware of the current situation.”