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Sabah Masters Rd 4: What They Said

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, November 24: Read what players have to say following the final round of the Sabah Masters on Sunday.

Pavit Tangkamolprasert (Tha) – Final round 65 (-6), Total 271 (-13)

It’s incredible. I really didn’t expect this. I didn’t even expect to get into a play-off. I finished my round early and I already changed out of my golfing attire and getting ready to go to the airport! Had to change back again when I know I’m in the play-off. It’s really incredible.

But this is golf. You never know what will happen till the last minute. I came close to winning the Thailand Open two weeks ago. I felt more pressure that week since it’s my National Open. But this week, I am more relaxed and I think that helped me a lot.

I hit my irons really well today. Putted well too. Didn’t get off to a good start. I dropped a shot on the third but made a lot of birdies after that to make the play-off. I have been working very hard on my game lately. It’s great to finally win.

Since my first win in Macao, I have had some setbacks, battling with a wrist injury. But it’s all in the past now. In golf, you just got to keep trying. You don’t know when it will come so you need to keep trying.

Pavit Tangkamolprasert of Thailand

David Gleeson (Aus) – Final round 68 (-3), Total 271 (-13)

I feel good about the last round, I did everything that I wanted to do. I don’t think I really made any sort of, you know, like a crazy sort of errors it was just all very patient which is just a really good feeling.

I made some good birdies; I missed a few more birdies. You know I’m still not driving the ball great, but this course suits me because I can hit some three-woods and irons.

I just really felt quite good today actually, just within myself, and what shots I was trying to hit I was actually almost getting close to matching what I was seeing and feeling without sort of worrying about nerves. So you know that’s a good sign.

I think my game is better than it was back in the past. It’s more complete than back then. I played at a very high sort of emotional level back then. That’s what I have been working on, just to relax and enjoy the game.

Better pre-shot routines are in place and more routines for the whole week are in place. That’s the goal coming to next year, so let’s keep doing this for, well, until seniors, I guess!

David Gleeson of Australia

Aman Raj (Ind) – Final round 63 (-8), Total 271 (-13)

Everything felt like was working in my way. Especially the putting part, because you know I’ve been hitting it decent saving my pars, but today was all about everything going in. I started with a chip in on the second hole.

Then again made birdie on the fifth hole and missed on the sixth, made a good par on the sixth actually, then seventh and eighth long putts for birdie. On 10th hole I made birdie from like 10 feet so that was good.

On the 11th I again had a chance from eight feet, but missed that, so I’m like that was a chance to like “go”. On the 13th I made birdie, that’s a good hole to make birdie It is kind of tough. I would say the toughest hole on this golf course. And I’ve been bogeying it like two days I believe. So yeah, there, that was the game changer.

I birdied the 15th and 16th and the 17th was a good two-putt from like 30 feet. On the 18th was again a good chip but for par, I tried for the chip-in but at the same time I had to keep my par safe. So, all in all I’m happy with today’s round.

I have been in an amateur play-off once or twice and, like, to be honest I haven’t won a play-off. It feels good to be in an Asian Tour play-off, I’ve never been in a play-off as a professional, so this is the first time.

Coming to the last I knew that I’m close, but at the same time, you know, I was just like, you know, there are a lot of a lot of people playing right now a lot of holes left, anything can happen. So just try your best, whatever you perform and look for it afterwards.

Aman Raj of India

Phachara Khongwatmai (Tha) – Final round 67 (-4), Total 271 (-13)

I quite work hard today because I had a bad start on the front nine and then good to come back with four birdies in a row. I tried to make a couple more birdies more, but I can’t make it. But it’s okay I’m happy in this position right now.

This morning I’m just thinking like I thought maybe, like three rounds, just play my game. This afternoon, the rain came too late and I have to play 18. Still a good finish. I am happy for my friend Pavit. He deserves the win.

Phachara Khongwatmai of Thailand

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