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Sapporo Country Club Japan

81 Holes
3 Restaurants
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About Sapporo Country Club

Sapporo Country Club is beautiful and challenging tournament golf courses located in a short distance (within 30 minutes by car) from the city center of Sapporo which is the largest city in Hokkaido prefecture. Sapporo Country Club has 3 golf courses (81 holes in total) which you can enjoy wonderful course layout with great landscape and its highly maintained course condition.

Makomanai Country Club

Makomanai Country Club is a golf course located in Makomanai on the outskirts of Sapporo (about 19km from the city center). Adjacent to Shikotsu-Toya National Park, it is a magnificent 36-hole course surrounded by virgin forest peculiar to Hokkaido.

Takino Country Club

It is a beautiful 27-hole course with a vivid contrast between water and trees, about 30 minutes from central Sapporo using Route 230 and the Hokkaido Prefectural Road Route. The 5th tee shot of the middle course is a famous long hole over 600 yards, which is aimed at the top of the 300-year-old Wo Tatsuno Katsura.

Hitsujigaoka Country Club

10km from the center of Sapporo city. It is the most accessible golf course from the city center. The course is located on a hill land with beautiful birch forests peculiar to Hokkaido, and there is a moderate ups and downs, but because it is a flat shape as a whole, it is enjoyed widely from single players to seniors and ladies. I will. Enjoy the nature and golf of Hokkaido while looking at the quaint clubhouse that imitates the design of the former Hokkaido Government Office.


Accolade listing:

No.1 golf course (in Hokkaido area) in the number of total players in these three years.
(Sapporo Country Club / Hitsujigaoka Country Club).


Major events hosted:

Takino Country Club

JLPGA Tournament, Daito Kentaku eheya net Ladies, July 22 to 25, 2021

Makomanai Country Club/Soranuma course is a champion course in which many tournaments and amateur competitions have been held.


Makomanai Country Club

Soranuma course 

18 holes – Par 72

Black – 6874 Yards

Blue – 6483 Yards

White – 6070 Yards

Red – 5771 Yards

Moiwa course 

18 holes – Par 72

Black – 6684 Yards

Blue – 6260 Yards

White – 6022 Yards

Red – 5878 Yards

Takino Country Club

East Course – Par 36 (9 holes)

Back– 3312 Yards

Regular – 3131 Yards

Front – 2793 Yards

Centre Course – Par 36 (9 holes)

Back – 3541 Yards

Regular – 3280 Yards

Front – 2852 Yards

West Course – Par 36 (9 holes)

Back – 3392 Yards

Regular – 3152 Yards

Front – 2862 Yards

Hitsujigaoka Country Club

18 holes – Par 72

Black – 7021 Yards

Blue – 6471 Yards

White – 6159 Yards

Red – 5395 Yards

Operational Hours

Golf courses in Hokkaido are currently closed till April 2021.