Tributes pour in for Arie Irawan from fellow players – Asian Tour

Tributes pour in for Arie Irawan from fellow players

Fellow players pay tribute to late golfer Arie Irawan on social media following his passing on Sunday.

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Arie, I never got around to saying it, but thank you. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. Thank you for always listening. And thank you for always helping me be the best man that I can be; on and off the course. From my rookie year on the Asian Tour to my first professional win, you were right there with me. No matter how tough times got, you never stopped grinding. You taught me what being a professional truly means. I’m going to miss traveling to different places with you. I’ll miss all of the long talks we‘d have at night in our hotel room about golf, life, and whatever else was on our minds. And I’ll definitely miss kicking your butt in FIFA after a long day on the course. Our golf community has lost a great man and an even better friend. And I’m sure I speak for everyone who’s had the pleasure to have known you when I say that we were all incredibly lucky to have you in our lives. You’ve left a mark in my life and I’ll always look back on the times we’ve shared with a smile on my face. Keep an eye out for us from up there and we’ll keep on doing our best down here. I miss you, Papi. Rest In Peace.

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You always said I had a way with words. So let me honor you & your legacy with mine today. Your sudden and tragic passing has left a void in my heart that nothing will ever fill. I'll always remember the first time we met. At the back of a bus in Thailand in '04. As I sat down on the only seat left the kid next to me stuck his hand out and said "Hi, I'm Arie" "I'm Tim, nice to meet you" Over the years our friendship grew. From constant emails & texts to weekly skype calls when you were at university in Oklahoma. Talking about everything from life, to golf, to our horrible luck with girls. When you moved back we talked about playing professional golf together. Traveling the world, competing wherever the game took us. You became my tour husband, the one I shared countless nights on the road with. My comfort during missed cuts and my biggest cheerleader when I was in the mix. We laughed, cried and grew together. Your wins were mine and mine yours, during our time on the road it was us against the world. I was honored you asked me to be your best man at your wedding last year and I was humbled that you agreed to be a groomsman for mine later this year. We always talked about how our kids were going to grow up together and someday be as close as their fathers were. But now that you're gone, where do I go from here? I will not find a replacement for you because you simply cannot be replaced. You were the most dedicated, hardworking, focused golfer I knew. Your relentless pursuit of perfection is an inspiration to us all. You're also one of the kindest, most loving and generous human beings I've ever crossed paths with. Always there when I needed you, always willing to help, to listen, to comfort. A beautiful soul left us today, and the world is all the poorer for it. Our thoughts and prayers are with your wife and family through these difficult times. Today I lost my partner, my uber driver, my travel agent, my swing coach, my counselor, my psychiatrist, my caddy, my inspiration, my friend. Today I lost my brother. May you find peace at last Arie, till we meet again my sayang. I love you bro. See you on the other side ❤ @arieirawan54

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今天一早發生了一件另人遺憾的事情,一位年輕的馬來西亞🇲🇾選手也是我的好兄弟Arie lrawan在今天上午不幸在睡夢中離開了 ,直到現在我還不敢相信,一路好走兄弟!RIP my friend Arie Irawan 😔 You'll always be in our HEART. You're the best🏆

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